Product Info

Shoptivate Store Search v2.2

Our flagship product is the perfect way to add powerful search capabilities to any online store. Our search engine is designed around providing an enjoyable user experience, and will make it easy for your customers to find and buy the products they are looking for. Show your customers you care about them by bringing them the simple and powerful Shoptivate shopping experience.

Simple and powerful searching:
  • The predictive search engine will display matching products even before your customers finish typing what they're looking for. This instant feedback minimizes the annoyance when the search term is accidentally mistyped and practically eliminates the frustration of getting too many or too few results.
  • A scrollable results area allows shoppers to easily browse the entire list of matching items without having to repeatedly use a next button.
Simple and powerful shopping: (*)
  • The way search results are displayed has been thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of online stores.
  • Users can click on the search results and see detailed product information instantly without ever leaving the search results page.
Simple and powerful purchasing: (*)
  • E-commerce integration makes it possible to add items to the shopping cart directly from the search results.
  • When finished shopping, one click sends the customer to complete the checkout process.
Advanced search features: (*)
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Spelling suggestion
  • Banners and direct match editing

Shoptivate search engines can be used from any Javascript-capable web browser, so users do not need to have the Java runtime or Macromedia Flash Player installed. The search engine will integrate seamlessly into your existing store website.

Also, ask us about the ways a Shoptivate search engine can save you time and money in maintaining your e-commerce website.

Visit our portfolio to see some example sites with our search engine.

(*) Instant product view and instant add-to-cart are included in the Standard and Enterprise versions of Shoptivate, but not in the Lite version.
Advanced search features are included only in the Enterprise edition.